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One of the most common devices people buy for their computer is a printer. The most common type of printer for the home user is a Color ink jet. They tend to be cheap and produce fairly good image and text quality. If you are planning to get an ink jet printer keep in mind that you get what you pay for. You may see offers for free printers but they don't print as well or last as long as better printers plus the ink cartridges usually cost more than the printer itself when it's time to replace them.

Another common type of printer is a Laser printer. These are most commonly used by businesses that need to print larger quantities of documents and need better quality and a faster print speed. Laser printers tend to cost a bit more than ink jet printers and replacement toner and other parts cost more as well. Operating costs of a Laser Printer are much lower than an Inkjet Printer.

All in one printers AIO printers not only print, but also work as a scanner, fax machine and photocopier. They make your desk less cluttered but also add a certain level of grace and classiness, and more than anything else, they come integrated with three or four functions in one package.




Computer Peripherals of superior quality are offered by Technosys. We are one of the prominent Suppliers of Computer Motherboard, Computer Processor, CPU Cabinet, Hard Disk, Keyboard and Mouse, LCD monitor, Computer Ram, Computer Speakers, and Computer UPS.

We also offer other products like CPU cabinet, Hard disks, Key board mouse, LCD monitors, Motherboards, Printers, Processors, RAM, Speakers and UPS. We also supply Computer and its Parts. The Peripherals supplied by us are of superior quality and come without any problem. The Computer Peripherals are procured from reliable sources and companies. Though these products are received from reliable sources the products are always tested by our team of expert’s. The Computer Peripherals are packaged in superior quality which prevents them from any damage at the time of delivery. The clients always receive the products in good condition.


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