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Networking (LAN, WAN, Wireless)

  • Technosys is a Brand neutral Company i.e. we can provide all Brands like, D’Link, 3Com, Cisco, HP etc., for active Components and for passive components again we have options like, D’Link, Systimax, Molex, Amp etc.
  • We can provide you with all types of Networks, like Basic (Unstructured), Structured with un-managed, structured with managed, Cat 5, Cat 6, Fibre, Wireless. Etc.
  • Technosys has a team of specialists for Server Room Designing.
  • We also specialize in WAN & VPN Solution based on all mediums like, leased lines, MPLS, ISDN, VSAT’s etc.,
  • Technosys has a large number of highly Satisfied clients for all above Networking Solutions. A list can be provided anytime for your reference check up.


UTM appliances the next generation Threat patterns have changed over a period of time; attacks have become blended in nature and change their patterns rapidly. The new evolving threats are distributed through viruses, malware, spasm, phising, pharming, P2P, Web, Email, FTP, Chat and inflict a network to leak information, reduce application & system performance and grind them to a halt.

UTM appliance is a veritable Swiss Army knife of Threat Management and Performance Management features rolled into a single appliance.

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